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Genius Gambler: The new era of fair and entertaining sports betting

01 September 2023 Alumni News
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The winner of the People's Choice Award at the EM Normandie Alumni Soirée des Pépites evening on 24 May was the new start-up Genius Gambler, co-founded by Gaspard Marcel (class of 2023). This innovative start-up promises to shake up the sports betting industry by offering a fairer and more entertaining alternative to the existing model.

The gaming concept was developed in collaboration with betters themselves, factoring in their needs, habits, and preferences. This collaborative approach results in a more relevant and engaging betting experience for all users.

The "Genius Gambler" start-up is committed to promoting a healthier approach to sports betting. Unlike traditional bookmaking models, where financial incentives can sometimes encourage behaviour leading to excess, the platform focuses on the fun and social side of the game. This allows punters to enjoy the excitement of sports betting without the risks associated with taking it too far.

Its peer-to-peer concept, designed in close collaboration with the betting community, offers a fairer and more entertaining experience. By rethinking the very foundations of gambling, this start-up has the potential to redefine the sports betting industry and inspire other innovations in the future.

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