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Julien Chevalier: between economics and journalism

01 September 2023 Alumni News
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Student at EM Normandie, Julien Chevalier (class of 2024), embodies the successful marriage between economic expertise and journalism. His attraction to economics, particularly issues related to currency and monetary policies, has led him on a most unique professional path as a student.

As an independent journalist and economic analyst, Julien Chevalier stands out with his enlightening contributions. His articles, opinion pieces, and educational materials, published in media outlets such as "Le Vent Se Lève" and "Les Échos", reveal an understanding of complex economic subjects. Collaborating sometimes solo, sometimes with economists, he provides a nuanced and informative perspective. Beyond writing, he has also taken his voice to the screen as a guest on television programs, notably on TV5MONDE and TVFinance.

The entire Alumni team congratulates him on this impressive journey, and the journeys to come.


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