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All new students are now Alumni Life Members!

01 September 2023 Alumni News
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From now on, new EM Normandie students will become lifetime members of the Association from the start of the new academic year!

This means they can now enjoy ongoing access to a range of benefits and services via the Alumni EM Normandie application.

It's a good way of staying connected to each other, building, and developing your professional network, developing your skills and getting the best deals.



Inspiring workshops, sociable after-works events, meetings with professionals with remarkable careers, and even an exclusive gala... It's all available on the EM Normandie Alumni Association mobile app! The events suit different aspirations and enable you to develop your networking skills.


Alumni directory

The directory is a treasure trove of strategic connections. The community is as extensive as it is motivated, and is made up of alumni and current students who are keen to exchange ideas. Thanks to this community, you can forge lasting ties, seize opportunities, and immerse yourself in stimulating exchanges.



Your professional future is at your fingertips with our careers space, which is brimming with offers: work placements, sandwich courses, jobs, etc. This is your chance to shine alongside other talented EM alumni! 

And that's just for starters! A host of services designed to guide and foster your growth, both personally and professionally, are available on the app or on our website.


Keep up to date with the latest news from the EM Normandie Alumni Association by following us on social networks.


This autumn is a time for expansion, discovery and making connections!

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