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La Maison Bocquet, an artisanal liqueur maker based on natural ingredients

25 January 2024 Alumni News
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Charlotte ANCELLIN (class of 2019) co-founded: Maison Bocquet, a traditional liqueur maker based in the Valois region. 

Charlotte and her cousin were inspired by their great-grandmother, Thérèse Bocquet, who used to sell her own liqueurs. They wanted to pay tribute to her by giving their project their grandmother's surname: Bocquet. 

Their company's aim is to modernise this spirit by crafting flavoursome, appealing and authentic recipes that showcase their region's savoir-faire.

Maison Bocquet produces its liqueurs from scratch using only natural ingredients, with no artificial colourings or flavourings. The recipes are developed through a process of blending flavours to create a rich and unique taste experience . The brand chooses to create liqueurs with a low sugar content, so they can beenjoyed neat or in cocktails! 

Their first recipe, Thérèse, is a 26°% aperitif liqueur and is predominantly raspberry, with subtle additions of blackcurrant, rosemary and lime for a fresh, fruity result. New recipes are expected very soon...

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