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EM Normandie launches on TikTok and unveils its new website

23 June 2023 School news
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EM Normandie is launching its TikTok account and unveiling its new website. In line with its 2030 Strategic Goals and its ambition to become the leading French post-18 business school, EM Normandie is getting on board with most popular social media platform of the moment. The aim is to reach out to younger generations, and provide entertaining, immersive and educational content which unites our community. For the last few months, the School has also been working on a complete overhaul of its website, to make it both more efficient and more user-friendly.


TikTok opens up a new world

EM Normandie is landing on Gen Z’s favourite app, as nearly 40% of TikTok users are aged 18-24[1]. In the increasingly competitive world of business schools, the School is committed to fully integrating the most downloaded content creation platform in the world into its global communications strategy, and will aim to post three videos per week.

“We want to get our community talking. TikTok gives us the opportunity to highlight interesting profiles, such as expat students. This will be a lot of work, as TikTok has its own language, which requires a different editorial line and elaborate, scripted content. Yet, it’s a distribution channel that really encourages creativity and allows you to express yourself in an original way. It opens up a new world!” explains Thomas Leclerc, EM Normandie’s Social Media Manager. 

The School has commissioned specialist influencer marketing agency Follow to support its TikTok launch, help it to get to grips with the platform’s specific rules and build a relevant editorial strategy. This means “taking a trend and adapting it to fit EM Normandie’s brand. We have to think on our feet, as trends change very quickly” explains Thomas Leclerc. 

EM Normandie recruits content creators from its own student base, as students are the best placed to portray and promote their day-to-day experiences in a lighthearted and modern way. These future graduates are selected by casting, and are real e-ambassadors for EM Normandie.


TikTok account: @emnormandie  


New and improved website

EM Normandie has just launched a more efficient and user-friendly website, to respond to increasing web traffic coinciding with the growth of the School. The site is now more business-like and easier to navigate.

The redesign began in September 2021 with the drafting of specifications and an audit phase with young users to clearly identify their expectations and which changes needed to be made. The communications team then commissioned Advency, a web agency with digital expertise, to support this development. 

This new site not only showcases the School, but is also personalised for each type of profile (e.g. applicant, professional, company, international student) to provide only the most relevant information. Site visitors can easily access each programme, as well as general information about the organisation. A more flexible and accessible “mega-menu” has been developed, as well as a powerful course search engine. To promote the School and what it has to offer, EM Normandie’s flagship red and blue visuals feature heavily on the site. The streamlined and technically enhanced website provides users with a better experience and improved SEO. 

An international version has been rolled out at the same time. The preferred language is then set automatically depending on the browser, using the IP address detected by Google. There are still a number of exciting developments in the pipeline, the next step being the rollout of the site factory with the arrival of the Oxford, Dublin, India and China websites, amongst others. Indeed, the aim is to set up attached websites not only specific to each EM Normandie subsidiary, but to each campus and target country.


School website:


[1], 12 May 2023


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