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Projet Manager Responsable 2023!

03 July 2023 School news
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We are delighted to announce that the winners of the "Projet Manager Responsable 2023" have been selected!

This innovative project aims to train tomorrow's managers, with a view to promoting a commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility within companies.

The training is based on the integration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the 193 member states of the United Nations, within companies wishing to give concrete expression to their commitment to corporate social responsibility.


This year's winners are :

Caen Campus: Valentin CAPELLO, Tanguy CARON, Pierre-Antoine FORTUNA, Marie FOURMY. They produced an outstanding work on the Laudescher company.

Dublin Campus: Juliette LEMAIRE, Laurine CASTAING, Bastian DELOUVEE, Hugo TETTAMANTI, Mael PERON, Nathan LELOUP, Paloma CROCE. Their remarkable contribution was recognized during their collaboration with the Alliance Française company.

Paris Campus: Gabriel PECORARI SCHROEDER, Charlotte RAMBERT, Gaëlle BRAIK, Angèle ROIG. They brought innovative and relevant ideas to Isigny-Sainte-Mère.


The associations selected by our prizewinners are :

Ventalili: An association committed to preserving marine biodiversity through awareness-raising and conservation initiatives.

La patrouille des éléphants : An organization dedicated to protecting elephants by combating poaching and preserving their natural habitat.

France Environnement: An association that works to protect the environment by promoting concrete actions and sustainable policies for a greener future.


The EM Normandie Foundation congratulates to all participants and to the three winners! 

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