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Munemjo Entertainment: Discover the video game that showcases African culture

06 October 2023 Alumni News
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An emerging start-up in the video game industry has a bold mission: to reveal the cultural richness of Africa through video games. Founded in 2022 by Joël Kiama and Emerik Linsden (class of 2023), and winner of the Innovative Idea prize at the EM Normandie Soirée des Pépites, Munemjo Entertainment is positioning itself as a leading player in the constantly evolving video game sector.


Play, learn and contribute


Munemjo Entertainment sets itself apart as the first WEB3.0 video game studio focused on learning and social engagement. The "Play to Learn and Earn" concept allows players to have fun while learning about African cultures. What's more, the income generated by the games can be used for a variety of purposes, such as donations to associations, personal purchases, gifts or even to cover part of the rent.


Unparalleled cultural immersion


The games developed by Munemjo Entertainment deliver a unique immersive experience. Their narrative is deeply rooted in African myths, legends and iconic personalities, allowing players to immerse themselves in the continent's rich culture.


Promoting and disseminating African culture


As well as entertainment and education, Munemjo Entertainment is committed to promoting and spreading African culture through the power of video games. Their aim is to share this cultural wealth with a global audience and raise awareness of Africa's diversity.


Technological innovation to improve safety


In addition to their cultural commitment, Munemjo Entertainment distinguishes itself by integrating the latest WEB3.0 technologies into their games. This approach provides online security while offering an innovative gaming experience. In 2024, Munemjo Entertainment will launch its highly anticipated video game showcasing African culture.

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