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I NEED YOU: Questionnaire for the managers of companies based in Normandy

30 September 2022 Alumni News
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For over a year now, Julien Poisson (class of 2020) has been conducting PhD research work co-supervised by the University of Caen and EM Normandie.


His work explores the subject of: "Inter-organisational networks and how business intelligence is portrayed", aims to understand how companies portray globalisation, and the challenges that arise in Normandy.


This thesis forms part of a process of understanding how economic stakeholders behave in uncertain and complex environments, in a context of successive crises (health, environmental and geopolitical), to try to identify ways of preventing such crises, or at least reducing their impact.


The project, which is due to run for three years, will begin by circulating a questionnaire to managers of companies  based in Normandy.


"As an alumnus myself, I would like to call on my fellow alumni to share or answer this questionnaire depending on your position within your organisation.

If you know of any business managers based in Normandy, please feel free to forward the questionnaire to them.

It should take around 10 minutes to complete. 

I really appreciate your help."


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