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EM Normandie becomes the first business school to join The Shift Project's exclusive business leaders club

14 April 2023 School news
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EM Normandie has become the first business school to join The Shift Project's business club This new partnership is a logical continuation of the School’s commitment to the think tank in 2022, including its participation in two major reports. The partnership serves to reaffirm its strong commitment to the transition to a low-carbon society, and to strengthen its links with this key player in the transformation of the higher education and research sector.  

The Shift Project, created in 2010, is a non-profit organisation which campaigns to decarbonise the economy, and puts forward observations and proposals to push forward this transformation at the required pace. The majority of its members are businesses, and through this partnership agreement, EM Normandie has become the first business school member of the think tank.

In 2022, the School established a partnership with the NGO The Shift Project, enabling student volunteers supervised by teacher-researchers to participate in the drafting of two reports on how to get higher education involved in climate action. These projects were then presented to the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. 

Jean-Marc Jancovici, Chairman of The Shift Project, reiterates, "the education I received was essentially designed for a planet which will remain the same or become ever more abundant in all of its aspects. And yet, unfortunately our future world is not like this. That's why we really need to equip ourselves with new tools and coping mechanisms. Major transformation is required if we want to train all of our students on the green transition".

By partnering with The Shift Project brand, which is very powerful among students and professionals alike, EM Normandie is supporting a reputable think tank which holds sway with decision-makers, and adding a new credential to its commitment to become a business school with a positive impact by 2030. The partnership makes the School a patron of The Shift Project, and boosts its active academic partnership for the production of scientific reports. 

By joining The Shift Project's business club, EM Normandie will be able to access the NGO’s support for its transition, and its leaders will be able to talk to other business leaders and receive feedback. They will also be able to benefit from in-depth training on climate issues. This key training is recommended by the various transformation plans proposed by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

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