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DECLERCK - French linen fashion designer

04 April 2023 Alumni News
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Declerck is a clothing designer brand that values expertise in textiles. Created by Marine Declerck and Antoine Fava (class of 2020), they are searching out expertise in the heart of France.

All Declerck collections are designed, created and produced in Normandy in collaboration with various partners whose know-how adds both quality and excellence to the collections.
The brand is committed to working in a responsible manner with French materials: the first collection is made from 100% French linen. The reason it is possible to use 100% French material is due to the relocation of spinning mills to France, which has been taking place since 2020; this includes a mill in the Eure in Saint-Martin du Tilleul. The brand also focuses on ensuring the finish of the products, offering straight, modern and elegant cuts.

At the heart of Declerck is a desire to establish a new model of consumption: fairer, sustainable and desirable consumption that is rooted in slow fashion.
“Instant purchases are no longer the answer to the challenges we are currently facing”. And that’s the reason the brand decided to market its collections as pre-orders so that they can reduce overproduction levels and limit stocks and unsold items.

Quality, traceability and respect for the environment are among the brand's key commitments. The brand’s vision: quality over quantity. At Declerck, it is all about taking time, waiting, and wanting to enhance an item of clothing that will assume its full meaning in the wardrobe.
Time is therefore needed for the production of these items, which will be manufactured under the best conditions, while respecting partner deadlines.

Declerck is currently in the middle of the launch phase and is looking forward to various upcoming major events:
- Launch of the crowdfunding campaign (since 6 March 2023) for a period of 45 days on the KissKissBankBank platform.
- Presentation of the first capsule collection at the 2023 launch (jacket, trousers, shirt and scarf) which will be available for pre-order in July 2023.

Find all the latest news about the brand on social media: LinkedInInstagramFacebookLinkTree


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