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Call for graduates : become a mentor !

25 November 2022 Alumni News
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For several years, the EM Normandie Alumni Association has offered its subcriber members in the last year of their studies at the School to participate in the mentoring program. This year we have decided to extend it to other classes and to the young graduates of the class of 2022. 

Mentoring is voluntary and represents a mutual aid approach within the community.

It allows the sharing of experiences and advice on topics for which the mentor is experienced. It will help the mentee in the development of its professional project. The objective is not to concretely find them an internship or a job, but to help them in their approach.

Another novelty for this year is that we will let the mentors decide, in agreement with the mentee, on the period of support. 


What is the role of a mentor ?

In Greek mythology, Mentor is the tutor of Telemachus and the friend of Odysseus. By assimilation, a mentor is an experiencedcaring and wise counsellor who is fully trusted.

“Mentoring” should not be confused with “coaching”, which are two different concepts.

Taking on a mentor is therefore taking a collaborative approach, based on exchange and transmission, to move up a gear and expand your project. 


How do I become a mentor ?

To become a mentor, you must log in to your Alumni space, click on the red arrow at the top right next to your first name and click on "SEE MY PROFILE". 

You will automatically have a "MENTORING" insert that will appear in your profile.

You will have to complete a short multiple choice questionnaire, choose whether you wish to support 1 or 2 students, and you will then be placed on the list of mentors.

Beginning in February, students will be able to connect to their Alumni profile and directly choose their mentor according to their needs.

It is up to them, once the matching has been done, to be proactive and initiate the first contact.


Find more information in the PowerPoint presentation below.

For any questions, contact Aude SIEMINSKI or by phone at


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