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Thomas TALBOT (class of 2023), co-founder of 0602.Paris, photo and video agency

28 March 2024 Alumni News
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0602.Paris is the fruit of the union of Jeanne and Thomas, who met during their college years.

A former top-level sportsman, Thomas played soccer for several years before moving into marketing. Jeanne, on the other hand, had a passion for photography from an early age.

After Thomas obtained a Master's degree in marketing from EM Normandie and Jeanne a diploma in photography/video from Gobelins l'École de l'Image in Paris, they merged their shared passion and vision to create a unique agency.

Paris is where it all began. O602.Paris combines the art of photography & video with a consultative approach to the use of content.

In a nutshell, 0602.Paris is dedicated to offering companies a global experience centered around images, through photo and video shoots.

Through their advice and expertise, they aim to help companies use their brand image as a genuine commercial asset.

Don't hesitate to contact them for your projects, and follow them on instagram.

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