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Six months after the Pépites 2023 award: news from our winners!

05 January 2024 Alumni News
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The EM Normandie Pépites Award showcases our graduates' emerging start-ups. Six months after the 2023 Pépites Award, the winners share how the €4,000 prize has impacted the development of their businesses.


Gaspard Marcel, Founder of Genius Gambler

Gaspard Marcel, founder of Genius Gambler, winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Pépites 2023, admits that the competition helped him to raise funds recently, paving the way for major progress. He raised €45,000 to refocus on entertainment solutions, and has an application in the pipeline for testing at the end of 2023.

His advice to future participants: mobilise your network and target new audiences. In short, Genius Gambler's experience illustrates how a reward can act as a catalyst for growth and credibility.


Mathilde Agullo, Founder of Eco Nado

Mathilde Agullo, winner of the Smart Tech Award, talks about the enriching encounters she has had and the major changes she has made since May, with a new version of her website, collaborations with healthcare professionals and an increase in cash flow to purchase equipment.

Her advice to future participants: to be bold, take advantage of the visibility and be confident. The Pépites open up opportunities for networking and growth.


Ilyès Lahcène-Tolba, Founder of Meswo

Ilyès Lahcène-Tolba, founder of Meswo and winner of the Best Newcomer Award, tells us that the competition has given him greater visibility and credibility. A recent agreement with a supplier marked a turning point for the company.

Ilyès' advice to future participants: stay authentic, retain a clear vision and involve the community to achieve sustainable growth.

In short, for Meswo, the Pépites have turned challenges into opportunities, underlining the importance of authenticity and commitment.


Eric Rucklin – Co-founder of Imara Tea

Imara Tea, winner of the EM Normandie 2023 Young Pépites Award, has made real progress since winning the prize. This enabled them to finance their range of iced teas and boosted their credibility, simplifying recruitment and strengthening their market position.

Since May, their career has been marked by successes such as winning the Epicure d'Argent and joining prestigious chains such as Galeries Lafayette. They are now focusing on expansion in Africa, with deals in the pipeline.

The founder recommends that future participants focus on their business model and explore B2B to generate as much cash as possible.


Arthur Goulliart - Tiny House

Shortly after the competition, Arthur Goulliart, founder of Tiny House and winner of the Positive Impact Prize, secured a partnership with CIC, which helped him build shareholder confidence. Since then, the company has evolved, moving to a team and acquiring high-performance tools.

Arthur's advice: make a full commitment from the outset, as the competition is a major financial opportunity for start-ups. He encourages the ongoing development of the competition to support emerging entrepreneurs.


Emerik Lindsen and Joël Kiama - Munemjo Entertainment

Munemjo Entertainment, winner of the Pépites 2023 Innovative Idea Award, has gained in visibility. This prize has attracted top talent to their team for their video game project celebrating African culture.

Thanks to this recognition, they have extended their network internationally, opening the doors to major events and attracting interest from the media and international organisations.

Their advice to future participants: focus on innovation, intensive networking and a long-term vision to succeed in the entrepreneurial field.

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