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Quandalle Paris, the upcycled jewelry store!

15 April 2024 Alumni News
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Following her studies at EM Normandie, Louise QUANDALLE (class of 2019) continued her education at the Ecole Boulle, taking evening classes in jewelry-making.

Very quickly, Louise wanted to find an eco-friendly alternative to jewellery-making. As gold and precious stones can be reused ad infinitum, upcycling made perfect sense.

At Quandalle Paris, they prefer to reuse what exists rather than continue to extract.

All their jewelry is made from gemstones loosened from old jewelry.

The gold comes from old gold objects, and Quandalle Paris remelts it to give it a second life .

The gamble's paid off: when you wear Quandalle Paris jewelry, you're wearing jewelry that doesn't need to be mined again.

In this way, Quandalle Paris contributes to reducing the sector's ecological impact, while offering its customers top-of-the-range jewelry made in France".

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