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La Tiny Française: Go back to basics with this amazing little house for a better quality of life

28 June 2023 Alumni News
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Arthur Goulliart (class of 2021) is the founder of La Tiny Française, a “tiny house” concept inspired by the US to meet the growing urgent need for housing in France over the past 10 years. Tiny has sparked a marked social and architectural movement which promotes going back to basics with minimalist lifestyle choices, for a better quality of life.

The “micro-house” is energy efficient and designed primarily with recycled materials. It can be used as an office, a relaxation area or a home with a difference.

This small wooden house is pleasant to live in all seasons and blends into the surrounding natural environment. The tiny house does not require a building permit (in France) if it covers less than 20 m2, regardless of whether it is static or mobile. It still, however, meets strict regulatory criteria. The tiny house is a lightweight, small and sustainable home that you can use anywhere.

You can also make it your own with its exceptionally comfortable and cosy interior. La Tiny Française aims to create quirky, eco-friendly living spaces.

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