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EM Normandie is riding the wave of the metaverse, the inescapable groundswell that is set to revolutionise teaching

22 January 2022 Alumni News
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Initially popularised by science fiction literature before being adopted by cinema and video games, the concept of the metaverse has occupied plenty of column inches ever since the Facebook Group (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) became Meta. Since then, Google has been waging war with it and each entity is spending billions of dollars in the race to develop the metaverse. In the wake of this trend, EM Normandie is rethinking its learning experience. 

The metaverse is a virtual world in which students, businesses, the administration, citizens, sporting clubs and others can interact via virtual characters. In the future, a lesson given to students on the Le Havre campus could just as easily be launched from the other side of the world, in a port in Vietnam, for example. 

Every individual could have their own digital reality in the form of a character, a sort of alternative life. 

Some students on the Le Havre campus of EM Normandie have been testing the metaverse since January of this year. ‘The idea is to give them access to places that they would never have been able to access otherwise’, explained Elian PILVIN (class of 1996), Dean of EM Normandie. ‘The stakes in terms of education are immense. The world of learning, which has begun the transition to the digital world, is now preparing to enter a new world with the arrival of the metaverse.’ 

Click here to find out more in the opinion piece written by Elian PILVIN. 

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