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Discover DÉES MAÂT, a Paris-based publishing house founded by Emma MIKALEFF (class of 2016).

04 June 2024 Alumni News
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"Our publishing house goes beyond its role as a book publisher. It embodies a thoughtful vision of personal development and well-being.

Above all, it's a collective effort...

This editorial adventure is rich in inspiring and enriching encounters. Each of our books is created for you and by you, by combining your experiences and testimonials with the informed views ofwellness experts who work with us to develop our books. Thanks to them, and thanks to you, our guides are unique in their holistic, practical approach to getting straight to the point.

.. and above all, human.

"I initiated this project at the beginning of 2023, feeling the need to fight against the omnipresent stress in our society. I began by asking myself about stress in the workplace.

I gathered testimonials from people from all over France, working in a variety of professions in both private and public companies.

They all shared their experiences, both positive and negative, with touching sincerity. I was struck by the fact that this issue affects us all, whether ourselves or those close to us, and that it has as much impact on our professional lives as on our personal lives.

It was againstthis backdrop that the idea of creating DÉES MAÂT became obvious: to offer books aboutpersonal fulfillment andopening up to the world.

We believe in each individual's ability to become the best version of themselves, and our mission is to facilitate that journey.

Follow us on Instagram and discover our anti-stress guide "Harmony at work". "

Creator of DÉES MAÂT,

Emma Mikaleff

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