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Careers workshops: share your experience at Career Days!

01 December 2023 Alumni News
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Come and tell us about your journey, share the challenges you have overcome and inspire the younger generation of students. Your experience is a valuable source of advice for those just starting out in the professional world.


When and where:


  • Caen campus: 8 February 2024
  • Paris campus: 14 March 2024


These Career Workshops are designed for U3 students as part of the Career Days, but are also open to all students if they’re interested. They are held by the Parcours Avenir Alumni and the School's Partnerships Department.


Why take part?


  • Identify new talent for your company.
  • Help reinforce your company's employer brand by promoting job and recruitment opportunities.
  • Build strong links with future talent and help them integrate into the world of work.


Interested in taking part? Feel free to contact the Alumni team to reserve your place and share your expertise:

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