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23 June 2023
Yann COUPRIS (ESC Le Havre, 1994)

Nominations - Yann Coupris has been appointed Financial Control Director at La Poste Group

Yann Coupris (class of 1994) began his career in 1994 as Finance Officer for AXA Bank. In 1997, he joined MICTEL SA as Administrative and Financial Manager. 

In 2001, he returned to AXA Banques, this time in B2B, where he became Head of Management Control and Projects then, a year later, Accounts Manager. In January 2007, he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer for the same organisation. 

He joined La Banque Postale in March 2009 where he held the consecutive roles of Deputy Accounts Director, Accounts Director and then Director of Management Control and Accounts. 

In July 2017, he became Group Financial Solutions Transformation Director for La Poste, and has held the position of Director of Financial Control since May 2023. 


The Alumni team would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him on this exciting new venture! 

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