Notebook / Appointments

Appointments - Thierry Rougeot, International Partnership Director MIBS-Consumer Financial Services at SOCIETE GENERALE
02 July 2024
Société Générale, International Partnership Director MIBS-Consumer Financial Services
Thierry ROUGEOT (class of 1993) began his career as a Financial...
ESC Le Havre, 1993
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Appointments - Alban LIEURY appointed Global Supply Chain Director
06 June 2024
Bostik, Global Supply Chain Director
After a VIE in the United States with Sartomer Company Division of...
ESC Le Havre, 2005
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Appointments - Damien SAMSON appointed Director of Capgemini Invent France
19 April 2024
Capgemini Invent France, Directeur
After an internship at Bearing Point, Damien SAMSON (class of 2008)...
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Appointments - Matthieu CRESPO appointed Human Resources Director - Finance & Operations at LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics
29 March 2024
LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, Directeur des Ressources Humaines
Matthieu CRESPO (class of 2011) began his career in September 2012 at...
Matthieu CRESPO
EM Normandie Grande Ecole Program, 2011
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Appointments - Adrien CHANGARNIER is appointed Vice-President at JP Morgan Chase & Co.
23 February 2024
JP Morgan Chase & Co, Vice President
Adrien CHANGARNIER (class of 2013) began his career at Montsegur...
EM Normandie Grande Ecole Program,...
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Appointments - Geoffrey CONFORTI appointed President of Maison Demarle
25 January 2024
Maison Demarle, Président
Geoffrey CONFORTI (class of 2009) began his career as Sales Support...
EM Normandie Grande Ecole Program,...
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Appointments - Anne-Claire Lecuyer appointed Deputy Managing Director of Finance at Atypio Hotels Resorts
05 January 2024
Atypio Hotels Resorts, Directrice Générale adjointe des finances
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Anne-Claire Lecuyer, who...
Anne-Claire Lecuyer
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Appointments - Julie Beaujoin-Prieur appointed Chief Product Officer at Poppins!
23 November 2023
Poppins, Chief Product Officer
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Julie Beaujoin Prieur,...
Julie Beaujoin-Prieur
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Appointments - Hervé Moreau appointed Sales and Marketing Director at Schaeffler
05 October 2023
Schaeffler, Directeur commercial et marketing
Hervé Moreau, who graduated from EM Normandie Business School in 1999...
Hervé Moreau
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